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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas to you serve?

We specialize in San Francisco proper although some areas of the city may not be available every day.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, to protect your home and our staff we are fully licensed in San Francisco are fully bonded and insured.  Proof is available when needed.

How many cleaners will come to my home?

We usually work in teams of two cleaners, but there are many occasions when more cleaners are needed.  If you have a smaller home we may send one cleaner as deemed appropriate.

How do you gain access to our home?

Most clients give us a key, however if you have a concierge that can let us in that works well also.  Or you can use a lockbox, leave the key with a neighbor or hide a key under the mat or plant.  We obviously recommend one of the safer methods.

If you have an alarm:

* you can give us the code, or

* set-up a temporary code just for that day, or

* don’t set your alarm that day.

What do I need to supply for cleaning my home?

Nothing, except for sanitation reasons, you should have your own toilet brush.  We will bring our hepa-filter vacuum, but if you prefer we can use your vacuum.  Just let us know where you keep it and we will empty the bag or canister and keep an eye on the belt, should it need to be changed.  You are responsible for the supplies if we use your vacuum.

Do we do laundry?

I’m sorry but we just can’t provide some services economically and don’t want to risk fading or shrinking anyone’s laundry.

What other services do we provide?

Inside ovens, inside refrigerators, eco-friendly carpet cleaning, accessible windows inside only, kitchen hood and chandeliers at table level.  There are additional charges for these items.

Is there anything you don’t clean?

Flatscreen TV Screens (Plasma or LCD), computer monitors, outside windows inaccessible at street level, artwork, fragile collectibles, collections.

I have pets, is it OK for them to remain in the home during the cleaning?

Of course.  Most of our cleaners enjoy getting to know your pets.  Our cleaning products are all natural and non-toxic and pose no threat for animals.  However, you know your pets best so if they would be happier outside or under the bed or in a closet we understand.  Be aware there may be moments where the pets presence is hindering the cleaners, such as when mopping or vacuuming, so they may need restraining momentarily.

How do I get an estimate?

We can give you a range of what it will cost over the phone or by email by filling out the online form on the “contact us” page.   We are also happy to do a personal walk-through of your home and give you a more individualized quote that will be good for 30 days.  If we are not able to see your home first we can send out our cleaners for $45/per cleaner per hour.

Do you screen your employees?

Maid Green does background checks on all applicants as well as a thorough interviews before each cleaner is hired and trained.  We will only send quality trained cleaners to your home, but there will sometimes be a trainee along with a qualified cleaner who will be showing the new employee the Maid Green standards.

What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?

If your schedule falls on a holiday Maid Green observes, we will contact you to reschedule your cleaning.

What is your cancellation policy?

If it is necessary to cancel/skip any scheduled cleaning, please notify Maid Green at least 2 business days before the scheduled day, due to the high demand for our service and we can reassign the cleaning team to another appointment.

The following charges will be made if we do not receive proper notification:

* Less than 2 business day notice: $75 fee

* Less than 1 business day notice:  Full price of your cleaning

* If we cannot access your home:  Full price of your cleaning

When do I pay?

Payment is due the day of service.  If we do not receive cash or a check at your home during the cleaning, we will assume you would like us to charge the credit card we have on file for you unless other arrangements have been made.  If you do want to leave a check or cash please leave it in an envelope clearly marked with “Maid Green” on it.  If we are not able to collect the day of service we may be forced to charge a late payment fee.

What payments do you accept?

You will need to supply a Visa or MasterCard number to confirm your appointment, but the day of service you can pay with cash or check or we will charge the credit card at the end of the service day.  We will email your receipt soon after.

Is my credit card number safe with you?

Yes, we are utilizing the latest PCI-compliant credit card processing software which masks all but the last 4 digits of your card number and encrypts all the data.  When you give us your number it is entered immediately into the system and shredded immediately.

Can I get a refund if I am dissatisfied with the cleaning?

We stand behind our 24-hour guarantee and will return to correct any issues you had with your cleaning as soon as possible.  Please, do let us know if you have any issues at all.  

Do you accept tips?

Our cleaners work hard cleaning your home and  we encourage you to show your appreciation.  Tips are not required but it is a nice way to say “great job”.  Please, leave any cash tips for the cleaners clearly marked “Tips” so there are no misunderstandings.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we are an independent, San Francisco based company and have decided a contract would not allow us the freedom give you our individualized quality service.  But we do appreciate your following the cancellation policy, so we can give our cleaners the consideration of advanced notice if the scheduled time no longer works for you.

Why are some services cheaper than others?

Because they should be!   We are a licensed, insured and bonded company with employees making over the new San Francisco minimum wage as well as paying taxes.  The independent may seem cheaper in the short run, but when they break your TV you may wish you had gone with the insured company.   The referral agencies never see your home or any home the referred cleaner has cleaned, so their responsibility ends with collecting your money.  We carefully manage and do quality control by checking your home after cleanings and checking on new cleaners until we are happy and satisfied with the quality of their work.

Are you a franchise?

No, we are an independent San Francisco based company small enough to give you the personal service your home deserves.

What day and time will you show up to clean?

We clean Monday through Friday (and some Saturdays) between 8:00am and 5:00pm.  You can pick an arrival window of 8:00am to 9:00am or 11:00am to 1:00pm.  If either of those don’t work we have some flexibility for other windows based depending on the days’ schedule.  We don’t want our clients waiting around all day for us to show up!  Or, if we have your key on file, we can arrive at a time during the day which takes the pressure off both you and the cleaners.

Do I have to be home for service?

No, most of our clients give us a key to their home, but you can use your concierge, a lockbox,  leave the key with a neighbor, leave the key under a mat or be home to let us in.  Our cleaners are carefully screened and trained in the use of alarm systems and keypad locks which will also increase your security.

What if something gets broken in my home?

Let us know as soon as you notice the broken item or within 24 hours of the cleaning.  Our cleaners are trained to let us know immediately if they break something, so we can let you know immediately.  We accept full responsibility for the cleaners and will repair or replace the broken item as soon as possible.